Playing Gimmick on the Package

Packaging including the internal and external packaging of the product, specific to festive products, is the label of PET bottles and cartons. Packaging in addition to the normal requirements of the national standard text information, articles can do that? Product packaging is only to free and manageable information resources and positions. OK, let’s festive main slogan, “wedding drinks festive, add more festive” hit all the festive products in the internal and external packaging.

In this way, in the factory warehouse-store shelves-Terminal transport-dealers-consumers drink the entire process, product’s Feather Flags advertisement is seen “Oh, intended for reception drinks, called festive, add more festive!” Reception is generally set early with alcoholic beverages snacks, appear before the people waiting for a table to open, just in time, the festive mood can pick up the table under the play. Of course, also a drink bottle. Promotion of a table of 10 people at once! If you feel good enough, relatives wedding banquet recently, like to consider recommending it?

2015 Festival juice almost every day to sell 12,000 bottles that have affected how much people! A spark is used to start a prairie fire!
Feather Flag Banners advertisement with four sells messages:

1. free promotion is everywhere – in bloom!
2. tell consumers, jubilant is built specifically for the wedding banquet, juice has a dedicated supply after the wedding banquet, banquet after the wedding in your family will drink it well;
3. If memory serves, this should be America’s first advertising brands prominently printed on the inside of the packaging of the product, the first person to eat crabs will always attract more eyeballs;
4. tell peers, a dedicated supply wedding banquet drinks, also called “festive” Pathfinder Huiyuan Juice category, United States is produced, the root seedlings of red, you cannot mix do not mix.
In fact, there is some excellent brand managed to do that. You see, most of Coca-Cola’s beverage products on the label always densely printed text, it is merchandising content. General less likely to drink a drink, in a consumer pauses in the process of, particularly when bored is likely to look. You know, Coca-Cola’s day in the number of bottles sold worldwide but astronomical, even if a small percentage of consumers, that is an enormous amount of free publicity.

If this demand were those in the aisle to buy consumers to see it? The answer is obvious.
–On dry goods, Feather Banners marketing strategies, “Sunflower” II: brand slogan, you spread the merchandising language (language to help sales: brand trust and brand story, the facts supporting such) printed on the inside of the packaging of the product. Way to simple, content to hit people, designed to catch the eye, advertising didn’t cost you a dime has victories on the road. Of course, provided that the contents cannot be violation of the advertising law.

Channel focus-
Force, and out a hole

Happy to sell a wedding banquet is intended, we identified are the selling points: the banquet where the locals buy the drinks, where is the celebration of the terminal points of sale. Wholesale Department in villages and towns, urban mingyan wine shop, wine, drinks wholesale, wholesale street market, wedding host hotels (hotel direct sales or gifts to the banquet of customers), the local kingpin wedding party (white wine) dealer (customers buy send wedding celebration), called “the wedding channel,” give it up through other channels. Is the focus.

Add that given the festive 10% fruit juice content, package level, bottle-shaped, practical factors such as prices, combined with market competition, my target market definition in the prefecture-level city in festive, mainly County and village markets, it is also a level of market focus.

While repeatedly stressed that product to the market, first brothers is naturally inherent in thinking and inertia distribution everywhere, we have sales pressure! Results of super distribution, stocking-pop, some restaurants are also distribution.

I earnestly preach to everyone: the overly competitive beverage market at this stage, new listing (change package, the taste, the repositioning of Festival is new) must focus, focus groups, regional, channels, sales points. Give to get, give up? Fist play to smaller than a slap strong point because the fist Ah! Festive in General of supermarkets, and convenience shop, and catering shop and no obviously of advantage, also has may and meeting source home products race customer, although also can selling goods, but moving PIN may enough good, has produced near shelf life products, to Shi also have help customer Digest processing, date old has bottle dirty has, time-consuming effort fee market costs, lane bad also will put these sale points do died, and effect sale points boss, and dealer, and sales team on festive brand and the meeting source products of confidence, consequences is serious. You see, the beverage market in recent years, how many heads held high ambitions of the new products listed and soon fell?

I take every opportunity to talk about focus: monthly business analysis to the big boss said, PPT to sell front line soldiers, using micro-letter group repeats, explained on the phone in various pantomime to preach. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart, happy real soon to focus on the wedding channel. And wedding channel sales points also to focus, bad selling point to give up.

Focus, operational staff on limited sale to maintain very good – visit frequently, shelf maintenance, timely delivery, good customer relationship, product sales faster, will not have a big date product development. Also, because of selective distribution, was also pleased by selected cooperation boss, sells around is no direct competition, and second is respect and enthusiastic cooperation. At that time, Terminal sales points of cooperation are a duo of festive stack display, the momentum is quite spectacular, sell boxes. At this point, thanks to market the brothers and sisters, happy is gradually sell up in 2015, amid rural wedding season 1-February, happy single-month sales of over 7 million Yuan.
–On dry goods, Feather Flags marketing strategies, “Sunflower” number three: on the excessive competition in the market, new brand listed must be on a focal law. Focal law is the combination of enterprise resources that can be invested, and category or brand may be the target customer’s mind to accept recognition speed, selected, measured and focused development of market, which must be discarded to open up the market.

Focused can from target crowd, and regional, and channel, and sale points, and time paragraph, aspects to select, and this several elements not tied of, with market competition of increasingly increased often is step by step progressive of, like first focused target crowd (first only sold who), again from national market in the select several even a regional (future of base market), again from this regional in the select a most for of channel (most with advantage channel), again from this channel in the select part most quality, and most match of sale points (source points sale points), Subtract all the way down.

The principle focus is: how big is the ability to do to market, or not to do, to do it through, make a big fish in a small pond. Or don’t take, take.

Throughout the history of business in the near future, numerous laws of great brands are focusing on sales of products and results. When Feather Flags marketing Godfather Shi Yuzhu fencing melatonin went public in 1997, focusing on Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province did a six-month pilot, after the success of Jiangyin, Wuxi belongs, followed by Jiangsu Province, and finally the country. Wang Lao JI is listed first, the famous herbal tea has a high awareness of the Guangdong market, focusing on the region after southern Zhejiang, Jiangxi, channels focus on catering, lay the second peripheral markets, gradually moving north across the country.

Practice has proved that the new listing (including old sales) while the focus groups, regional, channels, sales points, seemed to give up large areas of Feather Flags marketing, sales, but sales and even more focused than without. Because the focus markets tend to generate brand atmosphere and to enhance results, both applauded and critically acclaimed. There is certainly not wrong, companies will save substantial Feather Flags marketing costs.

Focus is to do subtraction, are “willing” the dialectical relationship and deceptively simple, in fact, many companies do not to. Focus is actually a great wisdom, perception, vision, required entrepreneurial courage bold, was the place where many companies have ignored and mistakes.

Focus right, boss! If you happen to read this not a short article, or at least to remember two words–focus, focus, focus! Important things to say it three times.