Feather Flags, in department store

Feather Flags, in department store

The traditional business of the store business model with electricity providers cannot provide on-site consumer experience. Although the electricity business to compress the traditional market share, the store will not withdraw from the retail sales market, but may be in the market share will be further adjusted. But we should also see the trend of online shopping is irreversible, the Feather Flags applications in traditional department store and shopping center should follow the rapid development of such a trend of the Internet, and actively explore new business models.

Wanda Plaza is Wanda Group’s well-known commercial real estate brand. The development of Feather Flags advertising program has gone through four stages in 2017. From the early single business to increase the department store, theater, video games, restaurants and brand stores in the multi-format business, and then to the commercial center, pedestrian street, five-star hotels, office buildings, advanced apartments in one business complex. The current fourth stage is to establish a new element of cultural tourism, shaping the concept of “Wanda City”.

In 2017, Wanda began to get involved in the field of e-commerce. Wanda set up a million network and Wanhui APP and other self-owned business, to achieve the online platform to build, using WeChat public number, micro-blogging platform for brand promotion and marketing. Online, through the distribution of free Wi-Fi, indoor navigation, passenger monitoring, etc., from the details of the deep digging and dynamic grasp of the square format resources and customer potential.

Online for Wanda and customers anytime, anywhere to provide a convenient interaction between the protection, and catering, KTV, cinema and other offline business class to provide field experience. Wanda focus on online and offline interaction and balanced development, based on the different forms of form, customers will be based on their own needs, flexible and efficient choice of online or offline. Through online and offline channels, aggregation and collection of member information, consumption frequency, amount, preferences, cycle and other data, through the analysis to master the customer panorama. According to the data analysis and research, more targeted to carry out the market, members and investment activities.

Feather Flags

In 2017, Wanda, Baidu, Tencent held a strategic cooperation in New York signing ceremony with thousands of Feather Flags in the background setup, announced the co-financing in United States registered Wanda e-commerce company, marking the three giants began a comprehensive cooperation, the use of their own advantages and offline business Fully integrated. Wanda, Baidu and Tencent in their respective business areas quite achievements. Baidu is good at cloud computing, large data mining and Baidu map and other core technologies; Tencent WeChat payment to help get through the payment channels, the large number of users and users of high viscosity, a high customer base; Wanda as the largest commercial real estate business, Business covers supermarkets, hotels, cinemas and many other formats. “Teng million” strong combination, will find a new online and offline fusion seeking commercial incremental O2O mode.

According to Wang Jianlin’s vision, Wanda to Wanda through the construction of the platform and O2O mode of practice to the line of Wanda Plaza made a wisdom square, to provide consumers with a full range of consumer experience and services, not just for consumption To provide goods. Ultimately, Wanda Electric and Wanda Plaza, the depth of integration, Wanda will be set into a holiday center, film, culture, entertainment, catering in one of the open platform. By 2020, Wanda to form a real estate, cultural tourism, finance, retail, electricity business five business segments. Wanda Electric will also become Wanda commercial real estate business platform.

In 2017, Intime Department Store took the lead in the construction of Feather Banners advertising. Intime in March 2017 registered the establishment of the Yintai electric business network, as of now registered members have more than 300,000, mainly engaged in high-end boutique department store. Integrated online and offline retail business, the online business platform and offline Yintai department store store complement each other. Yintai electric business to take under the Yintai line under the purchase of different channels, electricity and department stores to take a different price, the implementation of the price of two-track system.

Yintai Electric and department store two-line independent operation may cause their own online and offline competition and customer diversion problems. In order to allow Yintai Electric and Intime Department Store to the greatest degree of complementary advantages, Intime under the department store to make the appropriate adjustments: to increase the Feather Flag setup in the department store, an increase of experience, entertainment consumption formats, such as in the mall to increase the set 4D dynamic cinema, City, discount KTV, snooker and other entertainment experience a strong sense of the project, in addition to increase the proportion of food and other industries to attract passenger flow.

June 2012, Yintai led the first domestic department store e-commerce line under the experience shop “I’M Intime network famous shop.” In-store iPad provides online purchase service, opened up from the line to the line under the shopping channel. Through the establishment of consumer experience shop way to break online and offline. Offline Intime Department Store functional area design to consumer experience-based, to give consumers convenient, free, specific shopping. Through the set up of Feather Flags to advertise various types of games such as games, apples, SLR and other brands to make consumers shopping easier to relax.

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