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Feather Flags, in department store

The traditional business of the store business model with electricity providers cannot provide on-site consumer experience. Although the electricity business to compress the traditional market share, the store will not withdraw from the retail sales market, but may be in the market share will be further adjusted. But we should also see the trend of online shopping is irreversible, the Feather Flags applications in traditional department store and shopping center should follow the rapid development of such a trend of the Internet, and actively explore new business models.

Wanda Plaza is Wanda Group’s well-known commercial real estate brand. The development of Feather Flags advertising program has gone through four stages in 2017. From the early single business to increase the department store, theater, video games, restaurants and brand stores in the multi-format business, and then to the commercial center, pedestrian street, five-star hotels, office buildings, advanced apartments in one business complex. The current fourth stage is to establish a new element of cultural tourism, shaping the concept of “Wanda City”. (more…)


Double Sided Feather Flags – advertising questions

Many entrepreneurs have such confusion when using Double Sided Feather Flags for outdoor advertising. What are more important? Price or Quality? Buying with the price consideration is just half of what is important.  I found that in American corporations, similar things repeatedly staged. There are many reasons, but the most important one is: a lot of people do not understand the primary factor in buying a 2 Sided Feather Banner.

So what is the primary question of buying Double Sided Feather Flags for outdoor advertising?

Print quality and durability of the Double Sided Feather Flags – 20% OFF, FREE Ship USA! EFQUEL should be more important than just a cheaper price in the long run. Your target customers and competitors must be clear. Who we should serve and who to compete with. Many companies did not figure out the problem, wasted a lot of resources, spent a lot of money, delayed a lot of time, but ultimately can not achieve the desired goal. (more…)