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Feather Flags advertising boosted drink sales

Playing Gimmick on the Package

Packaging including the internal and external packaging of the product, specific to festive products, is the label of PET bottles and cartons. Packaging in addition to the normal requirements of the national standard text information, articles can do that? Product packaging is only to free and manageable information resources and positions. OK, let’s festive main slogan, “wedding drinks festive, add more festive” hit all the festive products in the internal and external packaging.

In this way, in the factory warehouse-store shelves-Terminal transport-dealers-consumers drink the entire process, product’s Feather Flags {Feather Flags & Feather Banners | Cheap -20% FREE Ship} advertisement is seen “Oh, intended for reception drinks, called festive, add more festive!” Reception is generally set early with alcoholic beverages snacks, appear before the people waiting for a table to open, just in time, the festive mood can pick up the table under the play. Of course, also a drink bottle. Promotion of a table of 10 people at once! If you feel good enough, relatives wedding banquet recently, like to consider recommending it?

Feather Flags

Feather Flags